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Introducing the Grotto: New Outdoor Dining

Introducing the Grotto: New Outdoor Dining

We can’t get enough of the Lake view. If it were up to us, we’d drink our cappuccino with a clear view of Lake Superior every morning. That’s why we’re especially thrilled to announce another spot for you to dine at Va Bene. We’re calling it The Grotto.

Tucked below our solarium and directly above the Lakewalk, the grotto seats up to four full tables for an intimate yet outdoor atmosphere. Take in the lake as you sip a Negroni or aperitif before dinner. Or, stroll down the stairs for an after-dinner profiterole or limoncello. A marble bar, similar to our setting, lines the wall overlooking the Lakewalk.

Next time you come see us, ask about the Grotto! We’re also booking private events for some nights of the week. Call (218)722-1518 to see if your date is available.

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