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And…action! Mary Kay makes Limoncello on “Cooking Connection”

And…action! Mary Kay makes Limoncello on “Cooking Connection”

This week, Duluth’s Fox 21 premiered its new cooking show called “Cooking Connection” hosted by John Ziegler. Our very own Mary Kay Berarducci, owner and baker at the restaurant, kicked off the series with two Va Bene favorites: Limoncello and Raspberry Pound Cake.

You can watch the video below, and get the recipes at

Then, head out to your grocer and try these recipes in your own kitchen—don’t forget the organic lemons! If you’re not as handy with a paring knife, try Limoncello as an after-dinner drink next time you’re at Va Bene.

Buon appetito!

Watch Mary Kay Berarducci and John Ziegler make Limoncello

Find the recipes and watch the video at

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